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CUSTOM CALIBRATION: When your goal is to maximize WOT torque/horsepower output, while also optimizing drivability and part throttle characteristics, 4DHPClub offers fully customized calibration & tuning services by one of the best in the industry, Justin White Tuned. This service can include the use of our in house 3,000+ horsepower Mainline ProHub dyno. This type of dyno bolts directly to your axles, giving much better information, allowing tuners the opportunity to fine tune high horsepower cars which are prone to spinning their wheels on conventional chassis roller dynos. 

Justin White Tuned also offers street and track calibration of your ECM and TCM. If you decide to change your setup and/or add modifications don't worry because his services include continued support and calibration updates for 90 days (3 months). 

DYNO: Shipped in straight from Australia, 4DHPClub offers for use one of the most sophisticated Dynamometers on the market, a 3000+ horsepower rated Mainline ProHub DynoLog Dynamometer. Some assume Hub dyno's read higher than a conventional chassis dyno due to your wheels not being on the vehicle during dyno use. We have had several vehicles which we have tested on DynoJet Chassis dynos that have produced almost identical horsepower figures on our Hub Dyno, some made less power, others made more, but almost always less than a 10hp difference. We provide you with this information as the figures from DynoJet dynos are considered the standard for American horsepower comparisons, and this is to help you understand that our Mainline ProHub dyno will provide you with horsepower figures which are very comparable to the ones which your car would produce on a DynoJet Chassis dyno. According to the manufacturer our specific dyno setup should be able to hold upwards of 4,000 Horsepower. Currently our dyno setup has 2 wideband sensors, 2 MAP sensors, and a Fuel Pressure Sensor for your use throughout dyno tuning.