4DHPClub Twin Turbo Kit for 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V V2

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Complete twin turbo kit: This turbo kit PROUDLY made in America is designed to bolt up directly to your factory exhaust manifolds and retain all factory OEM accessories with minimal to no modifications. With upgraded turbos, accessories, and adding a proper boost controller setup we have made in excess of 1400hp with the use of this setup on a stock cubic inch engine. Larger displacement engines with larger turbos will be able to make much higher power levels if desired. 


Kit Includes: selectable options for practically everything required to have a functional twin turbo setup installed. Depending on your power goals and the fuel type you will be using you may also need to upgrade your fuel system and injectors. This kit also does not come with a tune/tuner, and you will be required to have it tuned by your tuner of choice. We would be happy to help you with this as well and you can click here to see our available remote tuning options.
2 turbochargers: We spec'd these turbos for their ability to spool very quickly on a stock application as well as be able to deliver over 1,000whp with supporting modifications. I.e. adequate fueling.(Not American at this time and subject to change in the near future) Several band name upgrades available in options
    Two @ 45mm wastegates - we will be using Turbosmart flanges and the kits are made to fit with Turbosmart 45mm wastegates, several options available based on the type of boost control desired.
    One @ 50mm blow off valve - vband. (Not American made at this time and subject to change in the near future) Option for single or dual BOV's
    Intercooler: Front mount intercoolers made from Vibrant 6" or Bell Intercooler Cores 4.5" or 6" thick air to air intercooler options available, that will support upwards of 1,800hp+.
    Charge Piping: We used 6061 aluminum cold side piping to help dissipate heat and save weight, the latter being a great feature due to CTS-V2 already weighing in at over 2 tons! All pipe ends that will require a coupler mounted to them will have a bead roll for strength as well as to help keep the coupler on under high boost pressures.
    Hot-Side Piping: We used T304 stainless steel piping for the hot-side and down pipes to help last the lifetime of your vehicle. Our hot-side piping was designed to mount to your factory exhaust manifolds for a quick easy install without need to modify you vehicle and its accessories. This system has been tested to fit full frame t4 turbos ranging up to 76mm and possibly larger, but we can custom fit most any turbocharger you wish for an additional fee. We also designed our hot-side piping for maximum boost control efficiency by spending the extra time to optimize the placement & location of the 44mm wastegates.
    Downpipes: 3" Stainless Steel piping made to come out of the turbo and run into the tunnel and comes with 3" V-Band connections to be able to have your local exhaust shop easily connect to your factory exhaust. Downpipe will come with four o2 sensor ports. Two for upstream o2's, and two plugged that can be used for a wideband if needed. 
    O2 extension harnesses. 
    Oil System: Our kit comes with everything needed to feed and return oil to and from your turbos and requires no drilling and tapping as it comes with a Turbo-Werx Exa-pump to pump all oil from the turbos back up into the engine.
    Intake Manifold: Our kit comes with several options for intake maniifolds, but an OEM LS3 intake manifold and fuel rail setup will work great for cars looking to make upwards of 1100whp. Using an OEM LS3 intake manifold will make it so that you can re-use your factory LSA throttle body, as well as have an easy to install direct plug and play factory fuel rail setup without the need to replace factory fuel lines.
    Installation Hardware: High quality reinforced silicone couplers with high quality stainless steel T-Bolt and VBand clamps where needed. All grade 8 or better mounting hardware. 
    Easy to install with little to no physical modifications to your vehicle and no special tools required.
    Installation instructions included with advice and tips to help you through the install.

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    Turbo Kit Suggested Add-ons

    Turbo Kit Comp Oil-Less Turbo Options


    ⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    All parts & products are sold for off-road use only. By purchasing this product you acknowledging this as fact, and maintain all responsibility in its use otherwise. 

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