4DHPClub 6L80e Performance Transmission Build

4DHPClub holds several records for the fastest and quickest 6L90 vehicles in the WORLD. Our transmission builds are known to handle extreme conditions as well as have better drivability characteristics than a stock unit from GM.

Vehicle Information:


Outside of continental USA and International Shipping must contact us prior to ordering. Sales@4DHPClub.com


Here at 4DHPClub, we LOVE to TORTURE OEM parts to find their weak points! We certainly do not stop the torture tests at one of the most critical driveline components. We have put in extensive hours of research and testing to provide the best possible transmission upgrades for our customers.


It’s safe to say these transmissions are stout, as several of our shop cars and hundreds of our customer cars are achieving 1,000-horsepower and more! Our 4DHPClub built Twin Turbo CTS-V is making 1,374 Horsepower to the rear wheels with our 800whp+ spec 6L90E transmission. Although we know our transmission won’t last forever at these types of power levels; we do our best to maintain the transmission and generally pull it apart after a each season of torture for inspection, cleaning, and freshening up. 

With that being said, we can honestly say that GM has done a great job with the 6L & 8L series transmissions, but unfortunately, they have been known to fail in stock form as well as high performance applications. The most common reasons for failure are lack of maintenance and improper calibration. In addition, they are known to fail in factory form & calibration as the transmission calibration does not command enough line pressure which allows the clutches to slip just enough that transmission failures do occur, even on vehicles without any modifications. 


Once we receive your transmission our services will include a complete tear down along with a thorough cleaning and inspection of all parts including the TCM & Valvebody. If you do not have your own core transmission please contact us prior to purchase.

Every transmission we build will include a complete overhaul of all gaskets, seals, bearings, pump vanes, clutches, and steels along with a new jumbo filter, and a complete pressure switch rebuild, as needed. Different build levels will include different variations of these parts as well as additional upgraded parts.
If your transmission core had a failure, additional parts and cleaning services beyond what is included in the pricing may be required. We are not be able to determine the exact damage until your unit is torn down and inspected. If any additional services are required once disassembled, we will always contact you before starting work. This may negatively affect the timeliness of getting your transmission built and/or your core exchange amount refunded, as the cost of all damaged parts not included in our normal build/rebuild will be subtracted from your core return amount.
If we do a complete tear down and determine that your transmission core is damaged beyond repair there will be an additional $200 tear down fee that will be imposed on your final bill or taken from refund.
We are a one stop shop for all your transmission needs. Whether it’s a simple rebuild, a max effort build, or anywhere in-between! 

Please contact us for all your 6L80E, 6L90E, or 8L90E transmission service needs.

You may contact us directly for more information at Sales@4dhpclub.com, and one of our professional staff will be glad to assist you!


Warranty information:
Please note that horsepower ratings are just for a general guideline, some cars may be able to safely produce much higher horsepower figures, and some may not be able to reach the specified horsepower rating for their build. The reason for this can be based on many different variables such as weight, power adder type, and ECM/TCM calibration to name a few. These horsepower ratings are not a guarantee.
4DHPClub Transmission builds carry a 30 day workmanship parts only warranty, exclusively against defects caused by poor workmanship on parts installed by 4DHPClub. Workmanship warranty period begins on the date 4DHPClub ships out your transmission.
4DHPClub Transmission builds carry a 180 day (6month) parts only warranty, exclusively for those whose vehicle's ECM & TCM is calibrated solely by 4DHPClub LLC/Justin White Tuned. This Limited warranty covers damage to the internal working parts of the transmission only. Limited warranty period begins on the date 4DHPClub ships out your transmission.
There is no warranty under the conditions listed below. This includes, but not limited to:
    • Not following all installation guidelines from 4DHPClub
    • Not following all break-in guidelines from 4DHPClub
    • Altered, either by Owner or Their Technician
    • Improperly Tuned (EMC or TCM)
    • Improperly Installed
    • Improperly Stored
    • Neglect
    • Misapplication
    • Torque Converter Failure
    • Inadequate Flushing of Transmission Cooler/Torque Converter
    • Improper Fluid Level
    • Water/Engine Coolant in Transmission
    • Excessive Power
    • Excessive Heat
    • Accident
      4DHPClub will not pay for any fluids replaced in the event of a transmission failure. Under no circumstances shall there be any labor warranty or other warranty coverage on 4DHPClub Transmission builds. However the labor incurred by 4DHPClub for transmission tear down and replacement of warrantied parts & components is covered. We will not provide you with any cash refund except as may be required by law. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty and are expressly excluded.
      Warranty issues will be considered on an individual basis.
      All transmissions with warranty concerns must be shipped to 4DHPClub for complete tear down and inspection. The cost of shipping to and from 4DHPClub is not covered under any warranty.
      Calibration files must be submitted for review upon request, there will be no warranty coverage otherwise.


      ⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

      All parts & products are sold for off-road use only. By purchasing this product you acknowledging this as fact, and maintain all responsibility in its use otherwise. 

      Some of our products are made to order, due to this shipping of those products may take upwards of 6 weeks or so. Please contact us if you have any concerns, or if you need something expedited. Sales@4DHPClub.com