4DHPClub LSA Supercharger Stage 1 Package - up to 650whp
4DHPClub LSA Supercharger Stage 1 Package - up to 650whp
Our LSA Stage 1 package is for those looking to have some simple bolt-on's to improve their cars performance up to 650whp.
This kit has several options, so please review them all prior to purchase.
If you are not able to run flex fuel this is okay, but you must limit your pulley sizing to compensate for the lesser quality fuel. We would recommend limiting your pulley size to either a 2.5" upper pulley, or a 9.45" Lower Pulley.
The best bang for your buck performance modification would be flex fuel, and we highly suggest going with a flex fuel setup if you have a fuel station nearby. For those of you lucky enough to live near an e85 fuel station, we would recommend either a Stainless 2.35" or a 2.38" for an upper pulley, or a 9.84" ATI or 10.0" Innovators west lower pulley.
Selecting whether or not you want to change the upper of the lower pulley first is really up to you. The most common practice is to replace the upper pulley, as you would also replace the spring isolator with a solid unit at the same time, as well the lower pulley/balancer can easily be replaced later on when installing an aftermarket camshaft as it would already have to come off to perform those modifications.
Either choice you make will require a couple specialty tools, all of which should generally be able to be rented at your local parts store.
Upper pulley:  Pulley Puller and a Press.
Lower pulley: Pulley Puller
We do not suggest upgrading both the upper and lower pullies until after you have installed a larger aftermarket camshaft.
No matter which route you take there will be a need for some extra fueling. If you never plan on running flex fuel you should be good with 1000-1050cc injectors, but if you are not sure what your future modifications might be then I would just bite the bullet and purchase some 1300cc injectors now. No point in having to buy injectors more than once. If you do plan on running flex fuel then I would suggest starting off with 1300cc injectors now. If you plan on eventually making over 900whp supercharged or 1,000whp turbocharged, then I would suggest upping that to the 1600-1700cc injector range, but this may effect tuning/drivability.
For those running flex fuel we recommend fuel pump upgrades. We have seen some cars whose factory fuel pumps are still kicking strong and can support the needs of an upper pulley and flex fuel, but at least 75% of the time fuel pump upgrades are needed. You have several options available, from drop in fuel pumps, to aux fuel pumps, to boost-a-pumps (NOT recommended), to complete fuel systems. Just note that doing these modifications and not upgrading your fuel system may cause issues while tuning your vehicle.
Cooling modifications are simply a must for any LSA powered vehicle. We highly recommend an upgraded heat exchanger and an under hood expansion/ice tank. In the absolute least we recommend at least one of them, along with an upgraded pump.

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